The 10 Best Breweries in Northwest Indiana

Looking for the best breweries to visit in Northwest Indiana but don't know where to start? you're in the right place - We got you covered.

The Region is home to some of the best craft breweries in the country, and possibly the world.  Here's a list of 10 of the best brewhouses in the 219 - from some that been here since the dawn of man, to startups.


 10. Four Fathers

Not only did they win the bronze medal in last year’s FOBAB in the “Specialty Strong Porter/Stout” category with their ‘Double Barrel Aged Wheelhouse’, but they just opened a brand new taproom in Valparaiso to put them on this list. That gives them credibility and a new space to explore larger batches and new styles. 

9. Viking Artisan Ales

Probably the biggest surprise on this list since they just opened, but we dare anybody to match Owner/Brewer Justin Case’s Berliner-Style line. Even though you need a membership to get the beer, trust us when we say it’s worth it..

8. Zorn

Excellent atmosphere, cool architecture and diverse beer lineup puts Zorn #8 on our list. My favorite is the ‘Red Devil’ Red - IPA but don’t sleep on their ‘After Two’ New England. This is a must stop when exploring beer in Porter County.

7. Crown Brewing

One of NWI’s oldest breweries, Crown does an excellent job of diversifying their lineup with seasonal beers like the ‘Ignis Fatus’ Pumpkin Beer all the while keeping mainstays like ‘The Dude’ White Russian Java Porter and ‘Special Forces’ IPA consistently on tap. The brewhouse also has one of the most underrated brewers in the state in Steve Mazylewski.

6. Devil’s Trumpet

devil's trumpet chocolate taco bottles

Even though the brewery was initially designed as a distribution hub, these guys have been consistently pumping out mainstays in their ‘My Ghetto’, ‘Make It A Cheeseburger’, and one of the critical favorites ‘Night Goat’ for a long time, but what makes them this high on my list is that (mark my words) they will be setting the new trend in beer in 2020. Their “Soda-Pop Beer’ will be what everybody is drinking. Don’t sleep on that trend.

5. Windmill Brewing 

‘Luther the Cat’ and their ability to spearhead the Milkshake-Style locally with their meme line finds Windmill this high on the list. There is not a better brewery doing milkshakes locally and as consistent. They also throw a killer anniversary party.

4. Burn Em Brewing

burn em brewing glass beer

Their uniqueness in beer and sheer amount of events they host scores them this high on the list. Even though their taproom won’t hold a ton of people, it’s without a doubt a must stop on the Porter County beer tour. 

3. New Oberpfalz

Nobody does German-Style beer better than brewmaster Gus Lehnerer. Head in to the Griffith based brewery and enjoy one of their many beers--as well as--a sneaky good food menu.

2. 18th Street Brewery

There isn’t much to say about the last two that people don’t already know, so I’m just going to apply this statement to both.

“Super good, great atmosphere and awesome food menus. Both of these are CAN’T MISS.” 

1. Three Floyd’s

No explanation needed!  If you've heard of Region beer, you've heard of Floyds.  Actually, if you're even vaguely into craft beer you've probably heard of Floyds.  And if you haven't -- now you have!

There you have it, friends. These are the best breweries in Northwest Indiana without question. Have fun. Drink on. Be safe.