3 Ways to Dominate Your 4th of July Party


It’s summer time, the grill is fired up, but you’re looking for something unique – something that sets you apart from the rest of the basic grillers. 

Grilled Pizza:

Put your meat aside and grab some pizza essentials (S&T Too is the perfect place to grab all your ingredients) and throw that dough on the grill! Not sure where to start? – check out the link:  https://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-grill-pizza-cooking-lessons-from-thekitchn-120920

Dragobob’s Kabobs:

Everyone loves a kabob, but dreads the prep (way too much cutting)!  Skip the prep and buy some marinated kabobs from Dragobobs! Get your order in by July 1 to make sure you’re set and ready to go!

Rob’s Meat Chop and Deli:

Pick from a variety of meats like chicken, sausage and steak – all while supporting local. If you need a recommendation, they’re teriyaki sausages are incredible, plus they have some amazing prepped sides if you don’t have time!

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