The 10 Best Pizza Places in Northwest Indiana


The Region is known for its pizza. Here’s a list of 10 local pizzerias that we think you have to try to become a local pizza savant.

Thin crust sausage pizza fresh out of the oven

Faustino’s Pizza

Lowell, IN

We didn’t know much about this pizza until they finished in the elite 8 of our “Region’s Best Pizza Contest” in 2019. They offer thin crust and gluten free options, but their deep dish is an overwhelming crowd favorite.

Don’t trust us? Here’s a review: Lori Bonadona -“Love the deep dish! The way they slice the sausage ensures that you get some in every bite!! The sauce and crust are phenomenal! Delicious!! I would recommend Faustino’s to anyone looking for a great pizza!”

Price: $26 for a large deep dish


Thin crust pizza with pepperoni and sausage

Gelsosomo’s Pizzeria

Crown Point, IN

Thin. Crispy. Delicious. While deep dish is an option on the menu, the go-to is the thin crust pizza. The sauce is savory, and take our word for it: there’s something special about their pepperoni.

Don’t trust us? Here’s a review: Brad Meyer – “Amazing pizza, highly encourage people to make the trip and check this place out!”

Price: $20-27 for a large


Unique personal pan pizza

Tomato Bar

Valparaiso, Crown Point and Schererville, IN

While most pizzas in this area specialize in thin crust, it’s the triangle cut pan pizza and the diverse amount of options on the menu that makes this pizzeria standout on this list. The sauce is savory and pizza is doughy, but man is it good.
Don’t trust us? Here’s a review: Johnathan Harper – “Was great a must try no doubt!”

Price: Not positive prior to publication.


Thin crust pizza with sausage pepperoni and olives

Carriage Court Pizza

Crown Point, IN

Carriage Court features a savory sauced thin crust and really embraces the traditional pizza. While most pizzerias may only feature one style of pizza, CC also has a well above average “Detroit style” pizza as well. Fun fact: don’t be afraid to get beer from Crown Brewing delivered with your pizza for no extra charge.

Don’t trust us? Here’s a review: Paul Steininger – “5 stars in my book! They not only provide fast, courteous service but this pizza is great. They put just the right amount of sauce on and load up the ingredients – there is no skimping to save a buck at this pizza parlor. When you pull your slice from your pie you will have the melty cheese stretch as you place it on your plate.”

Price: $23-25 for a large


Thin crust pizza with crumbled sausage

Langel’s Pizza

Highland, Crown Point and Schererville, IN

Did somebody say CRUMBLED SAUSAGE? The crumbled sausage is so good that they even have a mascot called “Mr. Crumble” and is a Region staple for it’s presence north and south of route 30. Thin crust and savory sauce, but eats like a pie with sausage in every bite.

Don’t trust us? Here’s a review: Rick Hutchinson – “If you haven’t tried the ground sausage pizza, do yourself a favor and put it on your short list!  This is a good homemade pizza with the cheese and sausage piled on.  A delicious pie!!!”

Price: $16-$25 for a large


Sorta stuffed pizza with fresh dough

Battista’s Artisan Pizzeria

Crown Point, IN

One of the Region’s most under appreciated pizzas. Even though it’s light on sauce and cheese in comparison with the more traditional style of pizzas on this list, the star of the show is the dough that’s made fresh daily on the “Battista’s Almost Famous Sorta Stuffed Pizza”. If you’re a big doughy crust person then this is it. Think: deep dish and pan combined.

Don’t trust us? Here’s a review: TC – “Food was so good that we went two days in a row while in town for a baseball tournament. This is a family owned, family run business. They are the nicest and most wonderful restauranteurs you can meet. Pizzas are Napoli style and so very good. Wood fired oven. Caesar salad was amazing too. Highly recommended.”

Price: $24 for a large


Thin crust cheese and sausage pizza

Dante’s House of Pizza

Highland, IN

Classic thin crust with a savory sauce and a local fixture in Highland. If you’re feeling extra hungry, there is an extensive menu featuring wings, sandwiches and burgers.

Don’t trust us? Here’s a review: Neil Z – “We loved it. Thank you for the delicious pizza! ????”

Price: Not positive prior to publication.



Stuffed deep dish pizza

Arrenello’s Pizza

Highland, IN

They have three types of pizza: Stuffed Pizza, thin crust and extra thin crust. But we’re here for the Stuffed Pizza. While most of the pizzas on this list feature a savory sauce, Arrenello’s delivers on the sweetest sauce these taste buds have ever had. It’s almost like a pizza dessert. Warning: people either love or hate it, but the people who love it are in for life.

Don’t trust us? Here’s a review: Kevin N. – “Always great pizza. Their sauce is amazing. It’s sweet sauce, just a heads up. Very friendly on the phone and in the store. Highly recommend you try their stuffed pizza and thin crust!”

Price: $25


Supreme pan pizza

J & J’s Pizza Shack

Hobart, IN

This happens to be our staff writer and co-owner of LOCAL 219’s favorite pizza in the Region. Specialty pizzas, thin crust, and a renown taco pizza leaves nothing to be desired.

Don’t trust us? Here’s a review: uniqueSam360! – “Jjs pizza has literally the best pizza around. My mom and I traveled 6 hours to get their pizza. Stuffed crust pizza is the best!! Their sauce amazing. Just all around the best pizza. I wish they would expand to all over the country!”

Price: $19 – $31 for a large depending on toppings.


Wood fired pizza with pork and cabbage

Rolling Stone Baker

Valparaiso, IN

Even though it was inspired by humble beginnings out of a food truck, don’t sleep on this freshly made wood fired pizza. The menu is unique with offerings “The Purple Pig” and “Get that corn out of my face!”but offers traditional items as well. It’s a must when visiting downtown Valpo.

Don’t trust us? Here’s a review: Brooke Metz-Bultema – “Absolutely awesome. Creative menu from the cocktails to the specialty apps and desserts. You won’t regret popping by the window or stepping into their quirky dining room and watching the chefs prepare your food fresh. Great atmosphere and friendly staff are icing on the cake of the delicious menu.”

Price: $8-$12 for a 10” wood fired pizza.


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