Downstate Mayor Holds Ceremony Pardoning Turkey, Arsonist

By Chris Zervos / November 23, 2022

    Downstate Mayor Holds Ceremony Pardoning Turkey, Arsonist BURMA, INDIANA– Joining U.S. Presidents dating back to President Lincoln himself as well as countless state governors, Mayor Anderson Tomassi held a ceremony Tuesday night to announce the official pardoning of a turkey in celebration of Thanksgiving, as well as convicted arsonist Douglass Cranberry who has … Read more

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Meklin Season Comes Early to Lake Michigan’s South Shore

By Chris Zervos / April 28, 2022

LAKE COUNTY, INDIANA- Rarely seen before Mother’s Day, warmer river waters in the Northern portion of Indiana have brought the annual emergence of meklins weeks earlier than expected. Known throughout the Great Lakes region as the first, dreaded sign of spring, the meklin season is a unique challenge for hoosiers living in the northern portion … Read more

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A classic automobile for sale on display at the intersection of Lincoln and 10th. The home behind its modern colors pair with its black finish for an attractive sight as one turns left heading to the lake.

A Glimpse of Spring in Hobart’s Downtown

By Chris Zervos / April 23, 2022

The gloom and clouds of April showed the first signs of surrendering to warmer weather this week and Hobart’s downtown was a great place to enjoy it.                         Christopher Zervos is a local photographer and writer. He was dishonorably discharged from the Boy Scouts … Read more

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Around Town: Third Week of April in Valparaiso Indiana

By Chris Zervos / April 16, 2022

  With the weather struggling to get reliably above 40 degrees the trees are still bare and the grass is still pretty much mud. Luckily, Valparaiso has a lot to see outside of it’s fabulous parks and nature! Here’s some of what we saw this week during a few warmer afternoons.         … Read more

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