Crown Point

According To Alan – We Catch up With Spike Albrecht

By Alan Myszkowski / March 22, 2023

ACCORDING TO ALAN: In the studio this week is former Michigan/Purdue great (don’t tell him we called him that) to chat about his experience in college basketball and his new endeavors like running a new coffee company and franchisee sales. LISTEN HERE:

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According To Alan w/ Brian Giarreta & Drew Halliar

By Alan Myszkowski / March 3, 2023

ACCORDING TO ALAN: In studio for this episode is Brian Giarreta, a veteran of the marine core and owner of S & T Provisions, along with Drew Halliar from the Advantage Insurance Agency to chat about the stresses of owning a business, work/life balance, and a deep dive into what Boot Camp entails if you enlist. … Read more

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MegaMayoCom²Plex nears completion at 109th and I-65

By Chris Zervos / February 18, 2023

      CROWN POINT- After eight months of construction, the Mega Mayonnaise Commercial Complex is set to finally open for business in Crown Point in just a few weeks. The 130,000 square foot facility, which will be used as a film production studio for mayonnaise commercials, is set to be a hub of economic … Read more

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Uneasy Peace falls on Crown Point as Burger King Reopens

By Chris Zervos / August 24, 2022

  CROWN POINT- After nearly two years of civil unrest, open defiance of the law, and disruption of daily life in the wake of the Burger King location on Crown Point’s Main Street closure due to a kitchen fire, local authorities report that a fragile semblance of normalcy has returned to the Northwest Indiana town. … Read more

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By Autumn Cunningham / August 9, 2022

Artistic ability runs in Chris Mendoza’s family and made the most sense to pursue a career in following his high school graduation. His initiative at a young age, a successful, brotherly mentor, and a natural skill set has resulted in a respected reputation after 13 years of tattooing. LOCAL 219: Was it hobbies, circumstances, or … Read more

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Craft Malt Liquor Microbrewery Coming to Crown Point’s Square

By Chris Zervos / July 27, 2022

CROWN POINT- Milosh Cassavettes’ family has owned and operated restaurants in Northwest Indiana since the 1930s, but his newest venture is the family’s first foray into the world of craft beverages. After decades managing The Pythagorean, a family restaurant in Hammond his parents owned along with his aunt and uncle, Cassavettes has set his sight … Read more

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By Autumn Cunningham / July 26, 2022

From earning cash as a kid by helping out the neighborhood seniors to owning his own successful restaurant Regino has known the value of hard work and persistence. With family by his side and Mexican food his customers crave he’s built a name for himself known throughout the region. He’s got a good thing going … Read more

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By Autumn Cunningham / July 15, 2022

Over the years, nearly every time I walked into the Walgreens off of south Court Street in Crown Point, I was greeted by a deep friendly voice welcoming me to the store. My curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to sit down with Nathan Bottorff, a Sales Representative of Walgreens for close … Read more

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By Autumn Cunningham / June 14, 2022

Dawn Magagnotti first started in real estate over a decade ago but didn’t fully realize her passion for helping others find their dream homes until she reentered the industry in 2014. With a genuine smile and cheerful demeanor I could see how Dawn’s clients could quickly feel comfortable and confident as they embarked on their … Read more

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NWI Residents Demand Action on Karate Dojo Rivalries

By Chris Zervos / May 11, 2022

LAKE COUNTY- Northwest Indiana residents are voicing impatience with escalating tensions between Karate dojos in the area as the recently announced South Shore World-Invitational Karate Grand Tournament approaches. The frequency with which displays of discipline, physical conditioning, and combat readiness have been happening in public spaces with cinematic qualities has led to calls for police … Read more

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