NWI “Hobo Catch and Release” Program Remains Controversial

By Chris Zervos / October 12, 2022

  NWI “Hobo Catch and Release” Program Remains Controversial   LAKE COUNTY- As Autumn brings colder nights and the threat of frost, Indiana A&M teams have resumed the state’s Hobo Migration Assistance and Monitoring (HMAM) program. A joint project between the state’s Department of Fish and Game and Indiana A&M’s Sociology and Public Health departments, … Read more

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Meklin Season Comes Early to Lake Michigan’s South Shore

By Chris Zervos / April 28, 2022

LAKE COUNTY, INDIANA- Rarely seen before Mother’s Day, warmer river waters in the Northern portion of Indiana have brought the annual emergence of meklins weeks earlier than expected. Known throughout the Great Lakes region as the first, dreaded sign of spring, the meklin season is a unique challenge for hoosiers living in the northern portion … Read more

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