Holly Williams is new to the working world, but so far is enjoying herself and loving the ice cream she often enjoyed as a child. I enjoyed hearing about her first position and the lesson she’s learned throughout her experience.

LOCAL 219: Hi Holly! How long have you worked here for?

HOLLY WILLIAMS: Oh, I would say almost a year and a half. Since we opened this place pretty much.

L219: I know there are some other locations; have you worked at those?

HW: We recently opened one in Dyer also. This is actually my first job in general. It’s a really good first job though.

L219: That’s great; good for you! Was it childhood, random circumstances or hobbies that led you to working here?

HW: When I was a kid I used to go to the Dairy Belle in Schererville with my grandma all the time. So I figured this would be really fun place to work at since I went here a lot as a kid.

L219: Do you love ice cream?

HW: Yeah.

L219: I love ice-cream. I would eat way too much of it if I worked here. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What gets you excited for the day?

HW: It really depends. I always try to find something to look forward to every day whether it’s something I’m going to eat or coming into work. I actually, really look forward to coming into work most days. I think it’s a really fun job.

L219: That’s super important. A lot of people wake up and they’re not really excited about going into work so the fact that you’re motivated by it is a rare thing. I’m glad you were able to find a positive work environment at a young age. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

HW: I’d probably say my mom. Just because she always told me to go further than she went. She had dreams to become a nurse and then didn’t fully go through with it. So, she wants me to go further then she was able to.

L219: I’ve heard that from many parents; they want their kids to achieve what they didn’t. It’s important to keep dreaming. What’s sad sometimes, especially when you’re young, is you can present these wild, far-reaching dreams you have and people may tell you that’s not possible, or you don’t know how hard that’s going to be, but when you’re passionate about something and that passion is driving and motivating you, you’re unstoppable. What has been a lesson you’ve learned while working here?

HW: Probably that teamwork is definitely the key at work, or really in anything that you’re doing, because you can’t function well if you’re not working together on a team.

L219: There are definitely moments we want to do it everything by ourselves but we learn really quick that we cannot accomplish nearly as much as when we rely on our co-workers for support. What do you enjoy the most about working here?

HW: That’s a hard one. I definitely like eating ice cream.

L219: Do you have a favorite flavor?

HW: It really changes. I’ll eat a certain one for a couple weeks straight and then will switch.

L219: Kind of like how we can listen to a new song on repeat then we’re over it?

HW: Yes, then I’m ready for something new. I also love the people here. It’s really fun. We have a lot of young people working here so that’s great, and then I have a really good boss; he’s just as fun. He’s really chill about stuff.

L219: I’m glad you have a good team because good teams can be hard to find. Keep enjoying what you’re doing and soak up the experience.

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