Dawn Magagnotti first started in real estate over a decade ago but didn’t fully realize her passion for helping others find their dream homes until she reentered the industry in 2014. With a genuine smile and cheerful demeanor I could see how Dawn’s clients could quickly feel comfortable and confident as they embarked on their home-buying journey.

LOCAL 219: Hi Dawn. I’m excited to chat with you today. To start, was it circumstances hobbies or your childhood that led you into real estate?

DAWN MAGAGNOTTI: Great question! I worked for a friend of mine about 15 years ago as a licensed assistant and loved it, but I needed to step away for a few years to finish raising our youngest daughter. Fast forward to 2015 and we had three daughters getting engaged and all deciding to get married in a 12-month period! My husband and I were looking at different career choices I could make and we both landed on real estate. I had been in health care and ministry before but never in business. I’ve always loved decorating and having people over to my home. Now I have the honor of helping people in all stages of life find a home of their own to cherish and love.

L219: How interesting that you both were drawn to the same industry! I can tell you have a heart for what you do. In addition to helping your clients, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

DM: Coffee!! Ha!

L219: I can relate! 

DM: I love the variety of tasks I get to do daily. I’m never doing the same thing day after day. I am a people person, most of the time, and I’m blessed to interact with clients, vendors, and business partners every day. There’s always someone to meet with.

L219: That sounds ideal! I would struggle with having the same routine every day, and socializing with people on some level is absolutely necessary. Who would you say has had the greatest influence on you?

DM: I am blessed with several godly women business owners who speak into my life, and who give advice and encouragement, but I would have to say the person who has the biggest influence in my business is Jesus Christ. I am challenged daily to read the word of God for wisdom and knowledge on how to run my business.

L219: I appreciate your honesty. Not everyone feels comfortable sharing about their faith. What has been a lesson you’ve learned while in your position? 

DM: The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” and it’s all small stuff. My husband has a saying, “If money or time can fix it, it’s not really a problem.”

L219: Both of those are great pieces of advice! We can stress ourselves out over the silliest of things sometimes and it’s not good for our mental or physical health. Last, what do you enjoy most about your position?

DM: I LOVE walking my clients through a process that ends with them being able to live in a home they love! A home is so important; It’s where life is lived and memories are made. Having been a small part of that is very rewarding.

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