Chris Zervos

Local Insights: Horoscopes for July 13 to Mid-August 2022

By Chris Zervos / July 13, 2022

GEMINI  (May 21–June 21) An emphasis on romantic partnerships, money, and travel will have Gemini tempted to pin a lot of hopes on their partners in the coming month, but pinning an AirTag on them is probably a better idea. CANCER  (June 22–July 22) Cancer are represented by the sign of the crab, and as … Read more

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LOCAL NETWORK: All Your Region Internet News for June 2022!!!

By Chris Zervos / June 22, 2022

  Howdy Localistas! It’s me, your friendly local internet beat reporter here to ping you with all the data about the hot gossip and talk that the “lamestream media” isn’t reporting from your local Facebook groups here in Northwest Indiana!  From Whiting to Winfield to Windows ’98, your web crawl is over if you’re looking … Read more

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Opinion: Nobody Rocks The Region like the MRI Center in Merrillville Just off Broadway

By Chris Zervos / June 8, 2022

I’ve been rocking for years. Decades, to be honest. From my earliest days buying hits of the late 1980s to the dawn of Alternative Rock and Grunge in the 1990s, to my Hardcore phase in the early 2000s; if it rocked in Chicagoland, I was there for it. Well, that’s almost true. I wasn’t there … Read more

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Visiting Winfield Couple Suspects Church is a Cult

By Chris Zervos / May 25, 2022

SOUTH LAKE COUNTY- After attending services there two times, Ron and Stacy Laywright of Palmer Indiana are almost certain that the Ashbay Church, located in a remote portion of Unincorporated Leroy County, is home to a religious cult. “We’re always interested in exploring fellowship with faith communities in the area and hearing about the ways … Read more

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NWI Residents Demand Action on Karate Dojo Rivalries

By Chris Zervos / May 11, 2022

LAKE COUNTY- Northwest Indiana residents are voicing impatience with escalating tensions between Karate dojos in the area as the recently announced South Shore World-Invitational Karate Grand Tournament approaches. The frequency with which displays of discipline, physical conditioning, and combat readiness have been happening in public spaces with cinematic qualities has led to calls for police … Read more

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Meklin Season Comes Early to Lake Michigan’s South Shore

By Chris Zervos / April 28, 2022

LAKE COUNTY, INDIANA- Rarely seen before Mother’s Day, warmer river waters in the Northern portion of Indiana have brought the annual emergence of meklins weeks earlier than expected. Known throughout the Great Lakes region as the first, dreaded sign of spring, the meklin season is a unique challenge for hoosiers living in the northern portion … Read more

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A classic automobile for sale on display at the intersection of Lincoln and 10th. The home behind its modern colors pair with its black finish for an attractive sight as one turns left heading to the lake.

A Glimpse of Spring in Hobart’s Downtown

By Chris Zervos / April 23, 2022

The gloom and clouds of April showed the first signs of surrendering to warmer weather this week and Hobart’s downtown was a great place to enjoy it.                         Christopher Zervos is a local photographer and writer. He was dishonorably discharged from the Boy Scouts … Read more

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Around Town: Third Week of April in Valparaiso Indiana

By Chris Zervos / April 16, 2022

  With the weather struggling to get reliably above 40 degrees the trees are still bare and the grass is still pretty much mud. Luckily, Valparaiso has a lot to see outside of it’s fabulous parks and nature! Here’s some of what we saw this week during a few warmer afternoons.         … Read more

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Portage Kohl’s Shopper Finds iPhone in Dressing Room, Informs Facebook Group She “Doesn’t Trust” Customer Service to Return It.

By Chris Zervos / April 14, 2022

PORTAGE, IN– Members of the “Portage Indiana Shopping with Friends / Bargains” Facebook group found themselves frustrated and without a clear course of action early last Tuesday following a series of group posts by group member Kimberly “Ice” Schiller. The initial post to the group, a picture of Schiller’s smiling Facebook avatar with the message … Read more

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Sunset Harbor

Around Town: Second Week of April in Cedar Lake Indiana

By Chris Zervos / April 9, 2022

    Sights and scenes from around Cedar Lake Indiana in an “April Showers” time of year. Also, pelicans.   Sunset Harbor as viewed from Bartlett Park A boat grounded for the season awaiting warmer weather. View of the Cedar Lake shoreline from 134th Street. A van with a patriotic mural seen at the Cedar … Read more

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